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Secret of clear acne-free Glowing Skin!

Secret of clear acne-free Glowing Skin!
Clean acne-free moreover glowing skin! Isn’t it is everyone’s dream?
A clear complexion is an essential part of our lives. Spotless, glowing and flawless skin is a dream of everyone. However, as we grow up our baby skin has to face a lot of problems. These are external and internal factors. The only solution is a good ‘skincare’ routine.
One of the most threatening issue the skin faces is pimples and acne. Hormonal changes, pollution, lack of proper diet and many other factors causes pimples in teen age, however, if not treated properly pimples can turn into nightmare.It can leave scars and marks on your skin which are very tough to treat in later life. Treating acne requires patience and perseverance. If you focus on good skin care, you really don’t need to hide your skin under make up.
Secret of clear acne-free Skin

Causes of acne:

  • Hormonal change:

When sebaceous glands attached to the hair follicles are stimulated at the time of puberty or due to hormonal changes, it enlarges and forms a cyst.

  • Hereditary:

If one of your parents had severe pimples, it is likely that your pimples are a cause of hereditary issue.

  • Cosmetics:

Some cosmetics are pore clogging (comedogenic). It is important to know the ingredients before you buy your skin care and make up products. Below is a list of common comedogenic ingredients that we found in cosmetics. Use only products which are oil-free and non comedogenic.

Comedogenic ingredients: Lauric acid, Octyl palmitate, xylene, Olive oil, coconut oil, Cocoa butter, Myristyl lactate, Oleic acid, Stearyl heptanoate, Steareth -10, Laureth -4 , Linoleic acid, Isostearic acid, Isopropyl palmitate, Isopropyl myristate, Ispropyl linolate, Isocetyl alchohol, Ethylhexyl pamitate, Oleth -3, Coal tar, Cetyl acetate, Linseed oil, Acetylated lanolin alchohol, butyl stearate, Cetearyl alchohol and ceteareth-20, Glyceryl-3 diisosterate.
You should NEVER

Pick and touch your face:

I know that sometimes it is irresistible to touch your face for that irritating pimple but try to avoid touching your face frequently. The bacterias present on your hands can easily provide more harm to the skin and bacteria will grow rapidly.

Expose skin under harsh sunrays:

Harsh sunrays causes damage to your skin. Do not expose your skin to the sun without protection. UV rays from sun causes wrinkles and age spots which eventually damages the fiber in your skin which is called elastin.


Smoking is hazardous as it depletes vitamins and oxygen from your skin, thus results in damage to your skin.

Stress out:

when you are under stress skin reacts to it by secreting more oil on your face. More oil on face means a pure invitation to acne and pimples. So be stress free and stay happy.

Consume excess sugar daily, salt, alcohol and caffeine:

My research shows that people who consume less sugar and dairy products get rid of acne faster. Some products  are sure a no no for acne or pimple prone skin and these products come on top of the list. Give a try for removing sugar and dairy products for a month and you will get guaranteed results on your face.

Forget to exfoliate

(Do not over exfoliate as you can damage your skin barrier): Exfoliate only once in a week. Exfoliation helps skin to remove 
Things you must know in your skin care routine.
Wash your face that contains Benzoyl Peroxide or salicylic acid
Use moisturizer that is oil-free.
Try a chemical peel: For deep cleansing you can try chemical peels such as glycolic or salycilic acid peels. Please consult a dermatologist.
Hormonal treatment: In case of irregular periods and excessive hairs, it is advisable to have a hormonal test. Please consult a dermatologist.
Apply only non comedogenic make up
Drink enough water daily.
Always wash your face with warm water than hot water.
Always wash your face before going to bed.
Things that works best for treating acne and pimples:
Teat tree oil: Skin care products with tea tree oil helps you to achieve acne free skin
Apple cider vinegar: Mix three parts of vinegar to four parts of water to make do it yourself toner
Lemon Juice: The citric acid in lemon helps control oil and maintain PH balance of your skin
Honey: Using honey as a face pack twice a week will give you pimple free skin.
Baking soda: Baking soda is a excellent exfoliator for your skin. Mix it with water to form a paste and then apply on your face. Let it dry and then wash off with water.
Tomatoes: Tomato has acidic properties, it helps to tighten and lighten your skin.
Papaya: Papaya helps to clear pimples and also helps in vanishing scars as a result to acne and pimples.
Turmeric: It has anti bacterial properties. Regular use of turmeric enhances skin glow.
Cucumber: Cucumber has cooling effect and help to clear acne and blemishes.
Some information about the chemical peels is as below. This will help you to select right products for your skin. Always consult your dermatologist before making choice of the product which you will use on your skin.
Glycolic Acid: Exfoliates skin, reduces fine lines, hyper pigmentation, dark spots and uneven skin tone. 
Salicylic acid: Exfoliates skin, clears pores, treats breakout, build elastin and collagen. Suitable for combination, oily or acne prone skin.
Facewash with Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid: Click here
Hyaluronic Acid: Hydrates and plumps skin by providing moisture. Good for dry skin which needs oil free application.
Face serum with Hyaluronic acid and ferulic acid: Click here
Ascorbic Acid: Pure vitamin C, anti inflammatory, prevents UV damage, stimulates collagen, brightens skin tone. Suitable for all skin type.
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Ferulic Acid: enhances retinols, promotes healthy skin, and prevents sun damage. Suitable for all skin type.
Citric Acid: AHA speeds up cell renewal and balances skin pH.
Lactic Acid: AHA exfoliates, speed up cell turnover. Suitable for all skin type particularly for those who have acne scarring.
Take time for yourself. Keep in mind that to get an effect of a drug or regimen will not be an overnight task. Skin that you are trying to correct may have taken several years to develop. So please maintain patience, do not give up and move to other methods before giving enough time. Take a sleep of eight hours, eat three healthy meals per day and drink plenty of water.
Take care!
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