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Slimming belt for weight loss – Reviews


Stomach slim belt for weight loss – Reviews

Obesity a sign of concern!

We all are dealing with a busy life and hectic schedule; hence we do not get sufficient time to work on our body. In today’s world if we look obese or fat it might cause self-consciousness. Also getting bulky may lead to lots of diseases such as obesity, heart diseases, and abdominal issues. Hence it is very important to lose weight and reduce the excess fat of our body. There are many products available in the market for weight loss and ‘Slimming Belt’ is one of the most effective methods.

What is a slimming belt?

The slimmer belt is neoprene wrap which helps in reducing the circumference through compression of fat cells. It can be easily adjusted on your stomach or thigh areas. 

Why a sweat slim belt?

A slimming belt is designed specially to reduce the excess fat of our body. Because of our busy lifestyle, we do not get extra time for ourselves. A slim belt can be worn at home or office, you can wrap it around your tummy and wear under your clothes. Portable slim belts are also available in the market making it easy to carry anywhere and anytime.

How is the Slimming belt effective?

We tend to lose our self-confidence if we get bulky and heavy, but now it is easy to bring back your self-confidence with perfect body shape. Slimmer belts are specially designed to target our excess fat areas and helps in weight loss.

Benefits of weight loss belt:

· Slimming belt is an easy way to reduce fat quickly. It can be used at home or while you do other work. You do not have to invest time in going to the gym separately. 

· It is the quickest way to reduce weight. You can shape your tummy and get perfect belly within a few months. 

· There are slimmer belts available in the market which you can wear under your clothes and use anywhere.

Types of Slimming belt:

There are different types of slimming belt available in the market with basic to advanced mechanism but it all gives the same results:

1. Electric belts:

These belts use electronic pulses to stimulate stomach muscles and waist regions. Electric pulses are highly effective and these are shown to have positive results clinically.

2. Magnetic belts:

Magnetic belts make use of magnets which gives buzzing effect around the applied area. This helps in boosting metabolism and improves blood circulation. However, these are highly recommended for arthritis patients.

3. Vibrating belts:

Vibrating belts make us of electrical muscle stimulation. It increases muscle contraction. This is an effective method if you use during workouts, jogging, etc. 

4. Fat Burning belts:

It comes in both electronic pulse type and normal trimmer belt. Fat burning belts help in triggering the main muscles and tones that area.

5. Sauna Belts:

Sauna belt helps to increase the core temperature in your body. It has a high perspiration rate which helps to reduce weight.

6. Massage belts:

Massage belts come with a massaging feature along with a heating function. It is like a trimming belt that is also helpful for people having back pain. It also has a temperature adjustable feature giving a massaging and slimming effect.


Buyer Guide for Slimming Belt
Things you should know before buying

There are different types of slimming belt available in the market. Hence there are many factors to be considered before purchasing the best one.

Features as per your requirement:

There are varieties of slimming belts available in the market with different types of features. But you need to know which feature you are seeking in a particular slimming belt. So that you end up buying the one that perfectly meets your requirements. 

For instance; if you need a slim belt that you wish to wear more often like at work and home both. In that case, you should buy the one which has comfort and slim features in it. It should be less bulky and shouldn’t irritate your skin.


It should meet your requirements and should be affordable at the same time.

Non- slip interior:

The material should be good in quality so that the belt doesn’t slip and is easy to use during workouts and exercises.

Easy to use:

The stomach slim belt or a slim belt should be easy to wear and comfortable.

Velcro closure:

The Velcro closure should be strong and tight enough or else it will keep on getting loose. This, in turn, will lead to bad or poor results.

The material of the stomach slim belt:

The slimming belts are made of neoprene material i.e. a synthetic rubber. The material must be comfortable to wear and it should be soft as it is wrapped around your belly and waist area. It should be sweat resistant.


The slim belts come in different sizes hence you must choose your correct size. Some slimming belt comes in a single size which fits for all sizes.


The slimming belt is something that you will wear every day during workouts and more often. Hence it is important to buy a valuable product that is durable enough. If we buy an expensive product but at the same time not durable we would end up wasting our money.

 The thickness of the slim belt:

The thickness and width need to be considered when buying a slimming belt. As it will determine the heating ability which it would produce. This will show how effective it is to reduce belly fat.

Top 7 Best slimming belt for weight loss in India:

As per the reviews, ratings and most purchased, I have arranged the top best slimming belt for weight loss in India, along with below listed best sweat slim belt too.

1. Bracoo Adjustable Waist Trimmer Belt: (Price INR 2,400 approx)

Product Description:

This slimming sweat belt is designed to raise the body temperature in your abdominal area and helps your body to optimize its metabolism speed. Thus burns more calories.


It comes in Unisex design, is washable, and has easy to wear a wrap, superior Velcro grip, and good quality.


Velcro loses its grip; some may be allergic to this belt.

2. McDavid 491 Waist Trimmer. (Price INR 3,077 approx)

Product Description:

It has innovative heat technology that is designed to cover your entire mid-section primarily. Its compression helps in decreasing the loss of energy which is due to excessive activities and vibration during workouts.


Comfortable, lightweight, prevent injuries, shape body, great design, good performance.


Low results without activities and exercises.

3. FIT PICK Sweat Slim Belt. (Price INR 1,299 approx)

Product Description:

This slim belt optimizes your metabolism and sheds the extra belly fat. It is available in multiple sizes.


Light in weight, provides easier breathing, improved circulation, premium quality brand.


If used for a longer time, it can irritate sensitive skin.

4. MCMADE Body Vibra Adjustable Slimming Vibrating Weight Loss Belt, Green, One Size. (Price INR 1299 approx)

Product Description:

Body Vibra is an easy-to-use slimming belt that uses ultrasonic vibration and unique oscillating massage action to tone your waist, abs, hips, thighs, arms, and buttocks.

It helps enhance circulation, ease soreness, build muscle, enhance metabolism and reduce fat without exercising.

Comfortable to wear while you watch TV, relax or work around the house, it is portable and adjustable.

It comes with two massaging units that can be used together or separately on your belly, glutes, arms and more. Rechargeable battery included.

Pros: You can target various areas like thighs, belly, calves and arms, multipurpose slim belt, works in 15 minutes.

Cons: The general charge time is 3 hours.

5.  Sportneer Sweat Slim Belt Neoprene Fat Burning Sauna Waist Trainer (Price INR 890 approx)

Product Description:

MAKES YOUR WEIGHT LOSS a lot of efficient – begin seeing drastic changes in your entire middle area, therapeutic heat tech removes excess water weight and will increase muscle productivity
IMPROVE POSTURE while YOU exercise – Posture corrector provides support the lower back and abdominal muscles, building a robust core that provides higher balance and posture
BREATHABLE – 100% top quality latex-free neoprene for thermal therapy & soft tissue support with non-slip inner layer to stop slippery throughout the exercise
PREVENTS AND RELIEVES – Cushions compresses and therapeutically heats sore muscles to extend muscle stability and speedy recovery, ideal for exercise or everyday support
ADJUSTABLE – Our Sweat Slim Belt fits you throughout your weight loss and computes journey; adjustable velcro strap fits up to forty-six inches; two size fits most


Odorless, relief for back pain and its fits all sizes, therapeutic design locks heat, comfortable and easy to use.


After a long work out session, the belt is hard to remove.

6. Cartshopper Cart store Vibro Slimming belt. (Price INR 1,699 approx)

Product Description:

This is a vibration relaxing slim belt massager. It is a unique weight loss belt as this works from both forward and reverse directions. Moreover, effective because of its ability to digest the fat in your body and hence reduces belly fat. As per your convenience, you can control the temperature of the slim belt.


This slim belt relaxes and supports your back, it comes with 5 variable speed controls, it contours your waistline, relieves fatigue, it improves the blood circulation, promotes metabolism, effective results.


Vibration sound may irritate.

7. Slimming Vibra Sauna Belt Magnetic Body Massager. (Price INR 999 approx)

Product Description:

This is also one of the best weight loss belts. This is a magnetic belt which helps to improve the blood circulation in your body. It works effectively on your abdomen, waist, and hips. 


comfortable, portable hence easy to carry, helps to ease muscle pain, reduces fat and helps to beautify your figure.


weight loss results are not instantly effective.

‘Sweat Slim’ belt reviews:

These are the top 5 best Sweat Slim Belt in India with its ratings:

1. ActiveGear Premium Waist Trimmer Belt: (Price INR 4,644 approx)

Product Description:

It is a reliable brand and best stomach belt with flexible material. This slimming sweat belt improves your stamina and body shape.


It comes with a lifetime warranty, has a non slip interior, it is easy to use and is an effective weight loss belt to tone your body.


Weak interior hence degrades fast.

2. Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer For Men & Women: (Price INR 399 approx)

Product Description:

This slimming sweat belt helps to increase your exercise efficiency. It is made of latex-free neoprene.


It fits for all sizes, prevents skin allergy problems, comfortable, and has good quality.


Might make you feel itchy, hot, and bulky.

3. HBT Gear Waist Trimmer Belt for Men and Women: (Price INR 3,270 approx)

Product Description:

This is a specially designed hot stomach belt that helps you to sweat more and get rid of body toxins. It provides wider coverage sweat belt and maximum back support.


Anti-slip grid design, repel moisture and prevents bacteria to develop. 

This unisex model helps to burn fat and compresses the abdominal area, burns more calories of your body effectively.


Not so effective for back pain.

4. TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer Weight Loss Ab Belt: (Price INR 4,240 approx)

Product Description:

This slimming belt comes with a special non-slip interior grid surface that repels sweat and moisture to prevent the build-up of sweat and bacteria.


5 Sizes fit up 60, latex-free, comfortable moisture lock technology, a top brand with the best price range burns fat and kills bacteria, wide design.


Velcro is not long-lasting.

5. Frokht Sweat and Slimming Belt for Men and Women. (Price INR 899 approx)

 Product Description:

This is the most unique heat belt available at an affordable price. This slimming sweat belt is a highly stretchable and adjustable belt with strong inner lining. 


Retains heat effectively resulting in faster weight loss, latex-free, improves posture instantly, and a contoured grid.


It takes time in releasing sweat compared to others.

The best slimming belt for ladies:

We have researched and listed some specially designed slimming belt for ladies:

1. Saundarya Slimming Belt Waist Shaper for Men & Women. (Size M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL & 4XL) (Price INR 499 approx)

Product Description:

This slimming sweat belt helps to reduce waist and belly fat. It is extremely comfortable to wear as it suits all sizes. 


Has breathable elastic, durable, no irritation on the skin, instant high-pressure contraction, premium triple-layer construction.


It is a non-returnable product.

2. Maxboost Premium Weight Loss Ab Belt for Women. (Price INR 899 approx)

Product Description:

This is a contoured design that helps you to be flexible and you can easily lift weights while wearing this belt. It is a durable and long-lasting slim belt.


Sweat-resistant latex-free material, adjustable wrap, compression technology helps to stabilize the lower back.


Velcro quality is low.

3. EzyFit Waist Trimmer Belt.
(Price INR 3,780 approx)

Product Description:

It is a comfortable and effective stomach belt for weight loss. It’s available in two sizes. 


It has comfortable elasticity, washable, durable.


Doesn’t have a pocket

4. Spike Sweat Slim Belt for Men and Women.
(Price INR 1,549 approx)

Product Description:

It has a strong Velcro strap which makes it convenient to wear during any activities.


flexible, contoured design with latex-free material, best when worn during physical exercises, washable.


It cannot be worn for more than 2 to 3 hours.


ADA Hot Body Slim Shaper Slimming Belt.
(Price INR 399 approx)

Product Description:

It is a hot body slim belt which is quick and simple to wear. It has a double Velcro constructed.


Anti-slip design, contours belly, latex-free neoprene, faster fat loss.


Construction is not that good so the rough use can damage the belt.

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